Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Versace Versence For Women


Strangely I had never heard of this fragrance yet this is the one fragrance I have always had a passion for. I first smelled this fragrance at my local MACYS when I described the fragrances I like, and the women Phyllis picked it out for me. 

I bought this fragrance in the 1.7 fl oz. Eau De toilette. The bottle is a typical square/rectangular shape with a fascinating circle in the middle which is silver in colour and is the symbol of Versace. The cap is somewhat heavy and has the name "V E R S A C E" engraved into it.  The bottle is very handsome.

The fragrance I bought is an EDT, but surprisingly leaves me after around 5 hours of wear! I normally layer the fragrance on top of the perfumed body milk and the fragrance always stays fresh smelling.  This is not an obnoxious fragrance at all, and always pleasant smelling. 

The scent of this is my weakness, I worship it. I have always yearned for a scent like this. The scent is CRAZY AMAZING SMELLING. Every time after I smell the fragrance I need to smell  it more, I am compelled to inhale it, I have to repeatedly inhale it it over and over again. I don't know any other way to describe it,  it is what air should smell like! :)
This is completely 100% Recommended to anyone! 

The perfumes notes are :
Top notes : Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Fig, Prickly Pear
Mid notes : Sea lily, "Rare flowers", Jasmine Petals, Cardamom
Base notes : Sandalwood, Cedar, Olive Wood, Sensual Musk

It retails for : 

1 oz
PRICE: $51.00 AND
1.7 oz
PRICE: $68.00 AND
3.4 oz
PRICE: $89.00

Rate - 6 out of 5

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