Sunday, April 3, 2011

Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum Review

I was watching a video on Youtube and this guy was excitedly talking about Balenciaga Paris. HE described the notes, and explained how it smelled. From watching that video I was very intrigued by what he said. Shortly after watching that video I sampled the scent at my local Neiman Marcus. My parents  than bought this for me, for a Christmas gift.

The bottle is beautiful and very unique. If you only look at the bottle head on, the bottle looks very simple, almost plain. But when you look at the bottle from a birds-eye view it is not a symmetrical shape. The cap is supposed to look like its cracked. The Perfume comes in a black velvet drawstring bag with the words BALENCIAGA  PARIS inscribed in gold lettering. 

The fragrance is very long lasting. I spray this wherever and I can smell it throughout a full day of work and play. 

Since this is a parfume 

it lasts almost 7-8 hours. I smell this 
continuously and it never fades on my. 

The scent is heavenly! Hands down one of my favourite fragrances EVER! I am forever enchanted by the scents wonderful violet and vetiver combination.  This is an exquisite and original scent, its green and powdery smelling all at the same time. I have read reviews were people compare it to what "your grandma would wear" but I beg to differ. I think this fragrance can be warm and 

inviting and young and fresh smelling as long 

as the person wearing it, knows how to wear it. I truly recommend this fragrance to anyone who likes a fresh, demure, powdery smell who appreciates violet. This scent will most likely not interest the very young, but It did for me! 

The perfumes notes are :
Violet, Airy Blossom, Peppery notes, Violet leaves, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Veviter. 

It retails for : 

1.7 oz
2.5 oz
PRICE: $130 

Rate 5 out of 5

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